Hunting Fireflies Together

For the last few weeks I’ve been able to do something in the evenings on the PS4 version of The Last of Us that I struggled to enjoy on PS3… Multiplayer.

Anyone that follows me on twitter will know how much I am against ‘shoe-horning’ multiplayer modes into story focused games.

I hate it, I hate them & I hate developers for doing it! I blame GAME, but thats another story…

Back to my blog…

Hunting Fireflies Together | The Last of Us
Hunting Fireflies Together | The Last of Us

The last few nights I have been known to be seen crawling along the top of a dam, through derelict high school hallways & around basements of abandoned houses, looking for beans, cans of beans awarded for killing fireflies. Silenced weapons are best, popping up behind someone for a sneaky down before sliding back into the shadows, or sniping from a far an watching the other players run off in panic. It’s great, has the atmosphere of the single player and is just as enjoyable to play. But why this time, has it been better on PS4? The difference? Friends. Put simply, having a team of four, all mic’d up & working as a squad is great – and almost always bring victory!


4 thoughts on “Hunting Fireflies Together

  1. Friends always make the difference… I wonder what GTA Online would be like without anyone to play with? I didn’t get the PS3 version of TLoU and barely play multiplayer but the story was spectacular!!

    Great Post 🙂


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