Velocity 2times as good :)

So, yesterday, after a long, excited wait, Velocity2X finally released for both PS4 & PSVita. Futurlab’s super sequel to the awesome Velocity Ultra, a remake of a PS Mini Velocity & probably this years most anticipated Indie title! 2X follows on from where it predecessor left off – with a smart flash back tutorial, more boosting, more shooting & more rescuing.

I found myself falling right back in to the swing of things from the off, the first level a perfect reminder to a veteran Platinum Trophy holder of Velocity Ultra, on how to control the Quarp Jet, boosting through the level in double quick time! Boom, my first Perfect Level! & wow, a lovely twitter share mechanic too!

Travels in Gaming | Last Night in Space | Velocity2X
Travels in Gaming | Last Night in Space | Velocity2X

Now, I am the kind of person who, when I play a game like this, won’t move onto the next level until I have perfected the last, Velocity2X plays on this, and so my quest began to perfect all 50 levels… Then, SHES OUT OF THE SHIP! In a bold move, side-scrolling sections have been included, where you take control of Kai Tana on foot. Thankfully, this does nothing to detract from the games core gameplay values. It adds a new control set to master, new items to collect, and a beautiful insight into the world Futurlab have created.

Anyhow, 3 hours later, having just perfected level 9, I moved on to explore the game’s menu, making sure I wasn’t missing out on anything. The whole world is fleshed out thanks to back stories, race descriptions and diary entries, all of which you collect as pick ups hidden throughout the games levels. But then, I clicked on ‘CREDITS’, now, as an avid trophy hunter – I had already looked down my ‘to do’ list – I knew I needed to get 100,000 points to hear that pop. Easy. I thought…

1am… Just one more go…

I am tired, I have work in the morning… Just one more go…

I still haven’y done it, but that hour or so trying, that ‘one more go mentality’, sums up Velocity2X perfectly. Its a game you won’t put down until you’ve achieved all there is to achieve, until you smash that speed run time, and for that, I LOVE IT!

I will expand on my adventures as I delve further into the game, but for now I’ll say:

Well done Futurlab!

Travels in Gaming | Five Stars | Super-amaze-balls
Travels in Gaming | Five Stars | Super-amaze-balls

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