It’s just not my Destiny

It’s all a matter of opinion. Millions of games sales can be influenced by a number between one & ten at the end of a few paragraphs, minds can be made up because the lead character has blonde hair, and we could choose not to play ‘the biggest game of next-gen’ so far because of it’s genre…

And that’s why I am here. Today, sees the release of Destiny (OK, I know it is not next-gen exclusive) arguably the biggest releases to date on PS4 & XboxOne. But. I am not bothered, I haven’t read any of the hype, nor have I played the Alpha or Beta for hours on end (I did try it though, just to check it out) – I just know the game isn’t for me. The whole idea of it bores me, and in my opinion, I have no idea why there’s so much fuss.

It seems since the advent of 64bit gaming, churning out First Person Shooters is a guaranteed way to earn a quick buck. There’s been hundreds of them (including about 58 versions of COD). Fair enough, I enjoyed some of the earlier ones, Timesplitters, XIII, Metroid Prime and the legendary GoldenEye all spring to mind. But for each of them there have been numerous Brown War Shooter 17’s or Space Marine with Muscles 9. Each one a picture of mediocracy, instantly forgettable and competing against better titles in different genres.

I can’t remember the last FPS I purchased, I think it was Quantum of Solace for PS3. I enjoyed the film and was hoping a nostalgic blast playing a Bond FPS might bring with it memories of GoldenEye. And, it was rubbish. I’ve spent the time I could have been playing these games, playing ones I want to – not ones I’ve been told to. I’ve loved Bayonetta, No More Heroes, Castlevania, The Last of Us, Killer is Dead – the list goes on, the list of third person games…

I have no real idea why, but, put the playable character on screen, and I’m there. Maybe it’s the emotional connection to the visible, or maybe i’ve become a snob, but for me, third person games are my favourite, and strangely I would have probably bought Destiny if it had jumped genres…

Maybe I’m odd, maybe you’ll be firing abuse my way, or maybe, you have strange tastes too…

Travels in Gaming | Just not my Destiny | Everyone Loves Goldeneye Though
Travels in Gaming | Just not my Destiny | Everyone Loves Goldeneye Though

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