Retro Cravings

So for some reason lately, even though I love my PS4 & my trophy addiction won’t let me play anything else, I have had a massive craving to buy some retro goodness. Super Nintendo retro goodness to be exact!

But, me being me, I don’t just want naked carts, or bashed in boxes. I want near mint examples of the games, like how I used to have them… I wish I could go back and tell 10 year old me not to trade in that perfect copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, or the pristinely boxed version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters. But I did, and now I have the arduous, and extremely expensive task of hunting down these titles.

We all know Ebay is the place to go, but that’s the problem. That is where all retro game hunters go.. I’ve found it quite hard to actually win the items I want, and seeing that beautiful copy of Super Mario Kart sell for £125 is a little gut wrenching…

My first port of call is looking for a near mint example of my favourite (an arguably the best) game ever, the aforementioned Zelda: A Link to the Past – which doesn’t come cheap. I have set my limit, upped it once, and then twice, just because for a nice version, you have to pay through the nose. Like WiiU prices! I don’t think I’ll get lucky and find this at a boot sale, so I’ve been sensible. And, on Saturday afternoon my bid was the highest! Yay! I haven’t received it yet, and will add pictures when I do, but I am very excited to finally own (again) this awesome game. Even more so, that its a copy I can proudly display in my gaming room 🙂

Travels in Gaming | Retro Cravings | Super Mario Kart
Travels in Gaming | Retro Cravings | Super Mario Kart

Next up, I am after Super Mario Kart, ISS and Super Mario World. Again, I have set my limits, but feel I will have to break them to get what I want. And that’s before I have even bought a SNES! I missed out on one, so am holding out for that perfect console.

I’ll keep you updated, but any tips or hints on where you get yours from would be awesome!

Thanks 🙂


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