Transforming into Something Good?

After finishing the delights of The Last of Us Remastered on PS4, (& clearing the tears from my eyes) I now have time before DRIVECLUB to catch up on a few games I was halfway through. Most noticeably, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark on PS4.

Now, I am not going to compare this to TLOU in any way shape or form. They are at completely different ends of the spectrum. But. Whilst playing yesterday I realised I actually love this game. ‘Love’ in the same way that Steven Seagal is my favourite actor. You know, how some things can be so bad they’re good…

Transformers: RotDS does noting special, doesn’t look world beating or have any innovative gameplay features. It’s just a good old shoot & bash romp through a world of metallic tunnels and muddy green corridors. I had quite a lot of fun just messing about, failing and trying to jump over walls the game wasn’t going to let me. I wasn’t worried about running out of ammo, or missing a valuable trinket to upgrade my weapons. It’s almost old school in its approach – which in this day in age, is refreshing.

Travels in Gaming | Transforming into Something Good | OK, Transformers are Pretty Cool
Travels in Gaming | Transforming into Something Good | OK, Transformers are Pretty Cool

I’m not saying to go and rush out and buy it, more that, even though a game may receive bad review scores, it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Sometimes, we get spoilt by a development team like Naughty Dog, and then become snobs because ‘if a game doesn’t get 9/10 it’s crap”. Maybe every once in a while, it pays to play a below average game…

What “So Bad They’re Good” games do you enjoy playing?


2 thoughts on “Transforming into Something Good?

  1. Ratchet Gladiator has to be my favourite in the series yet it got rated the lowest of them!

    And I never understood why no one i knew enjoyed the psp version of Monster Hunter hours of fun on it :p


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