Where Have I Been?

Right, firstly, sorry for being gone for so long… More than a year away from my blog! I know there is no real excuse, but here’s what been happening.

I got a new job – somewhere a few of my UK readers will hopefully know, ShopTo. Which has been awesome so far. That has been taking up a lot of my time, as well as being busy with other things. I have also noticed that the last blog I wrote about a Platinum trophy was number 62, Tearaway. Well, now I have 90 of he buggers, so there’s a lot of catching up to do on that front.

Talking of platinums, I have been playing Metal Gear Solid V, & there’s no way I will achieve the holy grail on that game. It’s fair to say I am not overly impressed. I love the mechanics and technical brilliance of Kojima’s latest, but for me, there is a distinct lack of narrative & boss fights. I am only on episode 17, so it might come, but I found myself playing Goat Simulator, Teslagrad & now Putty Squad instead, which says quite a lot.

Metal Gear Solid V | Not Even Quiet Can Save Me... Yet
Metal Gear Solid V | Not Even Quiet Can Save Me… Yet
Having Fun In Goat Simulator
Having Fun In Goat Simulator

I am still enjoying the PSVita as well, without counting, I reckon a good majority of my Platinum trophies have been on Sony’s wonderful handheld system.

My pile of shame is as big as ever – thanks to my new workplace I seem to get a new game every week – so aiming o get all those trophies is gonna be tough!

Anyway, thanks for reading again, I will be back soon with a couple of thoughts on some of my Platinums & an update on my latest travels too.

What have you been playing?


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