Reading into Watching Fires

Last night I both started, & finished Firewatch on Playstation 4. After doing so I felt compelled to write some words about it on my all but desolate (a bit like the game’s setting) blog…

First of all, for those that don’t know, a quick synopsis of Firewatch;
A First Person Hiking Simulator who’s story follows Henry, a middle aged married man, as he escapes from the troubles of everyday life, by becoming a Forest Ranger. Set in the middle of nowhere, over the 5 or so hours of wandering the mountainous terrain, there are numerous radio dialogues between Henry & his ‘boss’ Delilah which flesh out both character’s personality, back story & a narrative to drive your exploration. The other point worth noting, is just how BEAUTIFUL the game looks. It’s almost worth the admission price alone! & surely a Playstation VR update is in the works – I’d put money on it frankly.

Anyhow, back to my point of being here, & a little warning too…



Having played the game solid from 5pm to 1am, going to bed was quite difficult & I found myself thinking about the journey I had just been on. Whilst the game has had pretty good public feedback (especially about the visuals) I think that maybe the developers, or more in particular, the writers, need more credit.

With my thinking cap whirring at a million miles an hour as I lie in bed (curse of being a designer I am afraid) I came up with some theories about the games’ narrative & the choices it makes you take at the beginning of the game. Just wondered if anyone else thought this…


  • Henry was killed during the mugging, haunting Julia as she slowly forgets him (dementia), then later moving onto purgatory (the forest)…
  • Henry’s purely audio relationship with Delilah is a metaphor for longing for the one he loves, but never being able to see her again…
  • The discovery in the cave is symbolic of the fact that Henry & Julia never had children, a regret maybe?…

Anyone make this connection? I am not sure it is just because of my choices I come to this assumption, or whether I was made to think this way by the game’s creators. One final thing, THANKS FOR READING 🙂


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